Consumer Sales Violation

Consumer Sales Violation

At David A. Goldstein Co., L.P.A, we protect consumers & defend their rights.

It is important to know your rights as a consumer. There are many instances that can trigger a consumer sales violation. Typically these cases arise from services not being delivered as agreed to in a contract, false advertising, and fraud.

David A. Goldstein Co., L.P.A. has consistently helped our clients fight against fraud and unfair dealings


Examples of Consumer Sales Violations

  • Deceptive and Unfair Tactics
  • Consumer Fraud such as Credit Fraud
  • False Claims
  • Consumer Sales
  • Home Repair Fraud
  • Contractor Issues or Payments to Contractors
  • Buying or Selling a Home
  • Fraudulent Sales
  • Health & Beauty Services
  • Illegal Financial Services
  • False Advertising
  • Malicious Business Practices
  • Home Remodeling Disputes
  • Scams and Frauds
  • Other areas involving Consumer Transactions

When Should I Contact a Consumer Sales Attorney?

As a consumer, you are entitled to fair practices and fair dealings when engaging in a consumer transaction under both Ohio Consumer Laws and Federal Consumer Laws.

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